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Jan 10,  · Displaced anger is anger that has been routed away from healthy expression through a coping mechanism. In most cases, displacement is the process of moving anger away from the actual target onto a target the mind feels may be safer. Jan 02,  · 3. Anger is in the Bible: The Bible has a lot to say about anger. From the beginning in the garden all the way to the end; man’s anger is expressed by rejecting God and pursuing his own way (Romans –18). Yet man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteous purposes (James –20).Author: Association of Biblical Counselors.

Jun 13,  · Anger is sinful and undue anytime ill-will or revenge is desired. This determination is based on the fruits of the Spirit indwelling the believer. Spiritual Growth and Christian Living Resources. After all, anger is part of life; just don’t let it carry you into sin. In these passages and many others, the Bible is basically saying to lead a balanced life. Solomon wrote in Proverbs “A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression.”.

Jun 23,  · The Bible is also clear on the ultimate conclusion of our inappropriately expressed anger. Proverbs says, “The fool who provokes his family to anger and resentment will finally have nothing worthwhile left.” Think of the impact anger has on your family. As parents, we’re often tempted to use anger to motivate our children. We can, however, identify five general options or choices that can be made when anger surfaces: (1) suppression, (2) aggressive anger, (3) passive aggression, (4) assertiveness, (5) dropping it, or (6) Christian counseling. From the above list, the first three choices tend to perpetuate anger, while the other two can help bring a positive result.

Displaced anger is dangerous because it can alienate the people who have a positive impact on your life. Furthermore, when you displace anger, the actual cause of your anger often goes unaddressed, which can cause emotions to fester and explode at a later date and time. This can be very dangerous and rarely ends well.