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Jun 28,  · Most male condoms are made of latex which is a milky white liquid composed of rubber particles. This material has very good tensile, elongation, tear resistant and resilient properties making it a suitable option to use in condoms. However, many people are allergic to latex so cannot use standard latex condoms. Aug 16,  · "These are made out of polyisoprene," she says. Polyisoprene is stretchier than latex, but offers all the benefits of latex condoms, such as protection against STIs .

Sep 24,  · The Non-Latex BareSkin condoms have a super-thin design, making them especially good for transmitting natural body heat. They are made of . Jan 24,  · Condoms made from lamb intestines are still widely used today, primarily by those with latex allergies. Obviously, these have evolved, but the concept is surprisingly the same—skin condoms worked.

Jul 23,  · Lambskin condoms are biodegradable. Latex is also biodegradable, but most latex condoms contain other materials besides latex. Lambskin condoms can be used with all types of lubricants, including Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. Dec 08,  · Turns out novelty condoms are totally fine. Since they're typically made from latex, they're just as effective as your average condom. It all comes down .

Oct 15,  · Made of sheep intestines, this condom is the only one made of a natural animal product, so it doesn’t contain any of the proteins that prompt the latex allergy.