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Available Adult Siberian. Elenka This pretty girl needs a calm, quiet, predictable home without other cats or small children. She is not necessarily suitable for a home with any other pets, and she does not have the makings of a "family cat". Female purebred Siberian cat, 3 yrs old, imported from Russia last year. The Siberian is a lively, intelligent, affectionate cat that is incredibly playful and likes to participate in family activities. They get on well with other cats, dogs and children and need plenty of attention from their family. These cats can be untrusting of unknown people and don't like to be stroked or handled by strangers.

21 years. years. Siberians for Seniors. Many will be above the age of 8 years. Some will be slightly younger. Before you exclaim *Yikes* or *Egad* please see the chart on the right. Since Siberian cats take up to 5 years to mature, many of the retiring Kravchenko kitties are just reaching their prime. A gloriously gorgeous cat with mid-length fur, the Siberian is a fluffy ball of fun. With eyes of gold, green or blue (and many other colors in between), the Siberian is known for its sweet expressions. Their dense triple coat is water repellent, with accents around the ruff of the neck. Fluffy britches and a bushy tail round out this powerful breed, which can come in a full .