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Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP) A paperless billing system for home help, adult foster care and home for the aged providers. National NPI Registry The NPI Registry enables you to search for a provider's NPPES information. You may run simple queries to retrieve this read-only data. There is no charge to use the NPI Registry. your five-digit PIN to complete*** Adult Foster Care (AFC) or Homes for the Aged (HFA) providers who want to sign-up for MILogin and Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP). Create a MILogin user ID and password Request access to ASAP For assistance call the Provider Support Helpline:

After you receive your Bridges Provider ID number, contact Provider Support at to request a five-digit PIN. You will need both your five-digit PIN and your Bridges Provider ID number when registering for MILogin. To access the Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP) application you must have a MILogin account. ADULT SERVICES AUTHORIZED PAYMENTS (ASAP) Adult Services Authorized Payments (ASAP) is the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services payment system that processes adult services authorizations. The adult services worker enters the payment authorizations using the Payment module in the MiAIMS system. Payment Authorizations No payment can be authorized .

ASAP allows agencies to focus on their distinct mission not payment problems ; Payment Options with ASAP. Grant Payments: Grantees get money the agency has pre-authorized. /Letter of Credit Payments: Financial agents get reimbursed for services they do for federal agencies, including the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. • Receives the and initiates the stop payment in the Adult Services Authorized Payment (ASAP) system. Note: The warrant cannot be rewritten until ASAP indicates it has been canceled. • ASAP will generate an electronic version of the DCHA to .

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) - Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. to the Adult Services Authorized Payment system (ASAP). To obtain a PIN, the licensee must call the Provider Support line at AFC/HFA licensed providers will submit claims for services rendered each month either by phone or online. If submitting billings online, the licensee must create an account through MiLogin at and subscribe to the Adult Services Automated Payments (ASAP) File Size: KB.