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According to the Criminal Justice Commission of Oregon, the three-year recidivism rate is %. Nov 14,  · What Oregon Officials Knew and When They Knew It. the Board has an exceptional record of reintegrating clients into the community with a 6 year average % adult recidivism rate.

Statistics show that between the years recidivism rates in Oregon decreased to %, one of the lowest rates of re-offenders in the United States. These programs have proven effective within adult correctional facilities. Can these or similar programs also be successful when implemented within the juvenile justice system? This report is released twice a year in a series of comprehensive statewide analysis using the definition of adult recidivism in HB (codified in ORS ). The most recent data available is included, and the statewide recidivism analysis is provided in this report.

of adult recidivism mandated in HB () (codified in ORS ). In conjunction with this report addition, the CJC has also updated its interactive online data dashboard to present the results of this recidivism analysis 2. The Recidivism Dashboard is provided by the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) and includes information on recidivism rates, time until recidivate, and risk scores to recidivate. The dashboard includes the ability to view data in many ways, including by gender, age, race, region, county, crime category, and years.

The Board's cumulative recidivism rate for the same period was percent. By comparison, the most recent recidivism rate for individuals on Parole or Post-Prison Supervision is 18% and on Probation is 14% (Criminal Justice Commission, ) after being on parole or probation for three years. As of January 1, using the definition of adult recidivism in HB (codified in ORS ). The most recent data available is included, along with additional analyses to disaggregate recidivism rates by age, gender, race, crime type, and risk to recidivate level.