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Meatal stenosis is a condition where the meatus — the opening of at the tip of the penis — becomes narrower. The word “stenosis” means that a passage in your body is narrower than normal. This condition can be there at birth or it can happen later in life. If you develop meatal stenosis, . Overview Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. The inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. You might also have fever .

Meatitis is inflammation of the tip of the urethra which causes the urethral opening to become red and inflamed. Although it is more commonly found in children and men after circumcision but . Mastitis is an infection that develops in breast tissue. The painful condition causes one breast to become swollen, red and inflamed. In rare cases, it affects both breasts. Mastitis is a type of .