Teens play adult party game to liven up a birthday party - adult luau games


adult luau games - Teens play adult party game to liven up a birthday party

Get the ball rolling with pineapple bowling Get everyone into the groove with luau games! Put a tropical twist on game time with Pineapple Bowling. If you’re playing on the lawn, try using a table runner as a bowling alley, and add bamboo torches and garland along the sides. Shop Luau 78 pins. Musical Beach Towels/Mats This is a fun game for people of all ages! It is played just like musical chairs but rather musical chairs, players end up on a beach towel or beach mat in a funny tanning position. This luau party game is sure to bring on many laughs to the players and spectators.

Apr 05,  · Luau Party theme and Games for Seniors in nursing homes, assisted living or retirement communities. A great winter time party theme. Luau Party Games • Huli: rotate while swaying hips • Hela: point right foot forward and sway to the left, then point left foot forward, and sway to the right • Haʻa: stand with knees bent • Ami: rotate hips counterclockwise without moving shoulders • Imua: go forward • Iluna: go up • Ilalo: go down.