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To remove adult content 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 63 Upvotes Yes I am 36 and would like adult content removed but can’t seem to do it Thank you Paul Marshall for posting, however this is the Google Account Help Community. This community is for people who have a problem with or a suggestion for Google Account. May 01,  · So, it is quite important to keep the adult contents, violence and other NSFW results from your Google search results. To make it more children-friendly, Google lets you set various filtering using Google SafeSearch. Here is how to Force and Lock the Google SafeSearch on your child’s Google Account to filter out adult Abdullah Bin Mubarak.

Google's SafeSearch filters provide you with the ability to change your browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in your search results. Google uses automated methods to . When SafeSearch is on, it helps filter out explicit content in Google's search results for all your queries across images, videos, and websites. While .

Jul 15,  · For months and months now, people have been complaining in multiple Google Web Search Help forums that Google won't give them their adult content. They want to use Google Image search to fine. Sep 20,  · Enable Google Safe Search on a Mobile Device In my opinion the best way to block adult-oriented content on a mobile web browser is to use a kid-safe browser. On iPod touch and iPad you can restrict the default Safari browser, and install an alternative browser that already filters out adult content.

Prohibited adult content To ensure a safe and positive experience for users, Google requires that retailers comply with all applicable laws and regulations in addition to Shopping ads policies.