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In the United States, cholesterol levels are calculated in milligrams of cholesterol for each deciliter of blood. A result of under mg per dL ( mmol/L) is desirable. A level somewhere between to mg per dL ( and mmol/L) is within the edge line of the high-risk class. Oct 08,  · Cholesterol levels are checked by a simple blood test. This test measures the following: total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol,; high-density lipoproteins cholesterol, andtriglycerides.; Your health-care professional will be able to help you interpret the blood test results to determine if your cholesterol levels are normal or require treatment.

Healthy cholesterol numbers vary by age and sex, with women having slightly higher HDL levels than men. Check out this cholesterol levels by age chart. Studying cholesterol in older adults is trickier than it sounds, Martin says. Many people who have high cholesterol die from complications of heart disease before reaching an advanced age. Those who live into their 70s or 80s despite high cholesterol might have other factors that increased their longevity. That bias could skew the research results.

Sep 29,  · The test used to measure cholesterol levels is called a lipoprotein lipoprotein panel also gives the value for triglycerides (TGs). Triglycerides are not a type of cholesterol, but they are as important as most of the fat in the body exists as TGs. A high triglyceride level can increase the risk of diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart . Jan 05,  · Total cholesterol levels less than milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) are considered desirable for adults. A reading between and mg/dL is considered borderline high and a reading of

Dec 30,  · As per the American heart association recommendations, adults should check the cholesterol level every years after they attained the age of 20 years. As age gets increased the levels of cholesterol also gets increased. Your total cholesterol is usually regarded as “borderline high” if it’s between and mg/dl and it is considered “high” if it is above mg/dl. If your LDL cholesterol is between and mg/dl, it is usually regarded as “borderline high” and it is considered “high” if it is above mg/dl.