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– C3d may or may not shorten red cell survival • Antibody Screen+ • Determine underlying alloantibodies using – Adult cells: I – Cord cells: I • Cold Agglutinin titers and thermal amplitude studies Cold Auto Treatment • Again, with severe anemia or unstable disease, transfusion can be life threatening • Keep the patient warm. As seen in adult mice, PA-Av-C3d3/IFA elicited greater PA- and domain 4-specific IgG than PA-Av/IFA or PA-Av-Alum (Figure 4A,B). The kinetics of the response was also similar to adult mice insofar as significant levels of IgG were detected by day 10 .

A sensitive two-stage enzyme-linked direct antiglobulin test (ELDAT) was developed and used to measure RBC-bound C3b and C3d in healthy adult individuals and in 60 patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including warm- and cold-type autoimmune hemolytic anemia, neoplasia, and collagen diseases. C3d is a direct measurement of complement turnover, it reflects complement activation better than C3, C4 and CH